In-N-Out Burger for Vegetarians (Sorta)

If you’re a vegetarian at an In-N-Out burger (@innoutburger) and don’t want to miss out on the fun, you have a couple of choices.

Unfortunately, they don’t serve meat substitutes, so you’re basically ordering a grilled cheese sandwich.

First, they have a veggieburger option (sans beef patty), which is basically a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce and choices of cheese and/or onions.

And there’s also the option to have it “animal style” (it’s a “secret” menu offering) with grilled onions, pickles and more spread.

Burger without patty

Animal style grilled cheese


  1. Jennifer M. says

    That veggie burger looks good! I wish all fast food restaurants would offer an option like this. I know I can just order a burger and ask them to leave off the meat, but I’m still paying for the meat. I would hope this veggie sandwich is cheaper.

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